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Ten Things to Know about Me!

 10.  I am so excited to be the Dyslexia Teacher at Williams!

 9.  This is my 13th year teaching.  I have taught Pre-k, Kinder and 1st Grade.

8.  Sic ‘em Bears!!  I am a graduate of Baylor University. 

7.  I have been married to my best friend for 15 years.

6.  My family and I moved to Magnolia 5 years ago from Spring.

5.  I am blessed to be a mom of 2 beautiful daughters, Bailey (13) and Lainey (10).

4.  Go WE!  I am a proud cheer mom. 

3.  I am an animal lover and have a boxer named Levi.

2.  The beach or by the water is my favorite place to be.

1.  I truly love teaching and have a heart for kids!  I can’t wait to meet each and every student and parent!  I feel building a relationship with students and parents sets a foundation for great learning! 


Class Expectations

I believe in setting up expectations in our classroom instead of rules.  

I expect them to be kind to one another.  

I expect them to work hard and try their best.  

I expect them to be respectful.  

I expect them to make mistakes and know that its OK.

Flexible Seating

In my classroom you may notice that things look a little different.  We will use flexible seating this year. Each student will have the opportunity to pick their seating option for each activity.  They will not have an assigned seat in this classroom.  This gives them choice to decide what is best for them.  It will take some trial and error, but we will keep practicing.  I have multiple options for them to try to see what works best for them in

each setting.  They may prefer the floor for reading and a desk for writing. Giving them this choice allows them to have more control over

their own learning success.   I love using flexible seating and I think your child will too.



I do not assign homework in my class.  I ask that you do some things that are proven to correlate with student success.  I ask that you play with your child, talk to them about their day, eat a meal with them, read with them or to them everyday, and get them to bed early.  They work hard all day and I want them to have time to just be a kid.  Have fun and enjoy them!


Contact Info:  Amanda Manchester

School Phone: 281-356-6866