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A note from the teacher

I can’t wait to build my relationship with your child. Thank you for sharing them with me. Remember, as a parent, you are your child’s biggest teacher. I know by working together we will make this year their best yet! This is going to be a great year!

Kari Stringer

Contact me

I believe the best way to benefit a student is to work as a team, so anytime you would like to contact me to talk about your wonderful child feel free to do so. We are in this together! My conference time is from  9:55 - 10:35 and the School phone number: 281-356-6866 or the easiest and fastest way to reach me is by email kstringer@magnoliaisd.org 

Home Folder: This folder will come home every Tuesday. All important notices from school can be found in this folder.This folder should be signed and returned the next day.

Lessons and Homework



Homework -Students should be reading a book on their reading level for a minimum of 15 minutes each evening. They may read on their own or with someone. I will help them choose books on their level if they have trouble. The more they read, the better your child will get at it. And, it will help with so many life skills including vocabulary, spelling, language skills, helps them have stronger analytical skills, imagination, helps with empathy, improves focus and concentration,they have better writing skills, and it helps them do better in school! These are just a few of the benefits your child will have when they read.  A reading log is due on Friday. They will not be in any trouble if they do not have one, however, they will receive a reward if one is turned in! 




All about me.

Welcome to second grade! I am so excited to be your child's English Language Arts teacher. There's a lot of excitement ahead of us, including new teachers to meet, new books to read, new friends to meet and new skills to master...and I look forward to sharing in those exciting times with you and your child.

 Let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in a small Texas town called Bridge City. My mother was an English teacher for 27 years, and I decided to follow in her footsteps. I attended Lamar University in Beaumont Texas to make that dream possible. (Go Cardinals!) I taught ELA at Mauriceville Elementary for five years before my family and I moved to beautiful Magnolia. In the last nine years, I could be found teaching at both Magnolia West High School working with Special Education Functional Academics (CORE) classes and then at Williams Elementary. I have been at Williams for seven years and absolutely love my position here. Six years ago, I decided that I shine in the second grade classroom.  I am so happy that this year I will stay in second grade again and be working with your child. I feel incredibly blessed to be at such an amazing school.

I have been married for 19 years and have a precious 13 year old son that is in Eighth grade here in Magnolia. He attended Williams Elementary before moving up to the junior high campus. My family has two dogs. One is a rescue dog named Vader (who my son named after Darth Vader when he was younger) and her puppy, Cooper. We also have another fur baby. A cat named Socks (Just don’t tell her she is a cat, she tends to think of herself as head of the household!)

When I'm not in the classroom with your child, you can find me with my family, watching my son in a tennis match or playing in a band concert,  helping my husband with our family business (Impulse Fishing Rods), taking care of the animals, or working with various organizations.

My goal is to ensure that every student feel safe, secure, and to be happy so that they can reach their full potential.  Every child has their own success story and I am blessed to be a part of their lives. Together we will make this an amazing year.

Class schedule



2018-2019 ELA

2nd Grade

7:45 - 8:15

Genius Time (Power hour on Wednesday)

8:15 - 8:25

Classroom Meeting

8:25 - 9:45

Reader’s Workshop (80 minutes)

  • 8:25 - 8:35 Poetry
  • 8:35 - 8:50 Mini-Lesson
  • 8:50 - 9:40   2 Guided Reading Groups
  • 9:40 - 9:45 Share

9:50 - 10:40


10: 45 - 11:25

Writer’s Workshop  (40 minutes)

  • 10:45 - 10:55 Mini-Lesson
  • 10:55 - 11:15 Independent Writing with Share
  • 11:15 - 10:25 Revising/Editing Practice

11:25 - 11:45

Word Study (20 minutes)


Switch classes with Mrs. Neal

11:50 - 12:10

Word Study (20 minutes)

12:15 - 12:45


12:45 - 1:00


1:05 - 2:30   

Reader’s Workshop (85 minutes)

  • 1:05 - 1:15 Poetry
  • 1:15 - 1:30  Mini-Lesson
  • 1:30 - 2:20    2 Guided Reading Groups
  • 2:20 - 2:30 Share

2:30 - 2:40


2:45 - 3:25

Writer’s Workshop (40 minutes)

  • 2:45 - 2:55 Mini-Lesson
  • 2:55 - 3:15 Independent Writing with Share
  • 3:15 - 3:25 Revising/Editing Practice