Susan Yoars » Williams Elementary School PPCD Teacher

Williams Elementary School PPCD Teacher

My name is Susan Yoars and I am the PPCD teacher at Williams Elementary School.  I am so excited to be at Williams.  This is my 1st year here and I have been teaching for 3 years and with the district for 5 years.  I have spent my time teacher in the special education department of Magnolia ISD.  I have a true passion for the young students in the special education program.  I love to see them come in and grow.  I love to know that my time with them will help them to be more successful as students and people from spending time with me.  
Each day we  work to help each student learn to follow directions, participate in class, and control behaviors.  We never expect perfection and actually encourage them to try.  We let them know mistakes are okay and help them learn from their mistakes.  We work as partner with the student and parents to help each student grow in every way.  
Please feel free to contact me through my email, or 281-356-6866.