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Shawn Foreman

Titles: Special Education-H, Teacher - Special Education

Cianis Fults

Titles: SPED Aide II (One on One), SPED Aide II

Rachael Garcia Chenault

Titles: Special Education-C, Teacher - Special Education

Erin Godso

Titles: 4th Grade ELA/SS, Teacher - Elementary

Claudia Gonzales

Titles: Counselor - Elementary, Counselor - Elementary

Margarita Guevara

Titles: 2nd Grade Bilingual Math/Science, Teacher - Elementary

Mary Harris

Titles: Pre-Kindergarten, Teacher - Elementary

Alex Herrera

Titles: Special Education, Teacher - Special Education

Kristi James

Titles: Special Education-H - ECSE, Teacher - Special Education

Cheryl Jaquez

Titles: Aide - SP ED ECSE, SPED Aide II